Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A little help

Im gonna show you a simple function in php that will help you to generate the easiest insert mysql query (yet another...).

I use it in a personal web application, someone could find it useful too. It's just an alpha definition, but i really doubt to bring new modifications.


This function have been called in a asynchronous way from javascript (by XHR), so the parameters comes from $_GET array.

The function accept these parameters as input:

  • $table: name of the table the query concern;
  • $get_unset: ignored $_GET array's indexes that don't need to build the query;
  • $auto_id: this boolean flag is set to true if in that table exist an index called id which is autoincrement

It is clear the follow adaptations should be take into consideration: add an array parameter as a substitute of $_GET array, so $unset_get could be remove from the parameters list. 

Here the code:

function generate_query($table, $get_unset = null, $auto_id = true) {
  $field = "";
  $value = "";
  foreach($get_unset as $gu) unset($_GET[$gu]);
  $query = "INSERT INTO $table(";
  foreach($_GET as $k => $v) {
    $field .= "$k, ";
    $value .= "'$v', ";
  if($auto_id) $query .= "id, ";
  $query .= substr($field, 0, -1).") VALUES(";
  if($auto_id) $query.="null, ";
  $query .= substr($value, 0, -1).")";
  return $query;