Monday, January 12, 2009

XML and Graph

Since i knew xml like languages i was impressed. Lately im thinking about take a new look to some of that languages to start a new little project (as always i will be share on here).
Yes, the title talk about graph, in real i don't really care about graph, but i want to improve my xml like languages knowledge with graph as a pretext.

My goal is to define an XML Schema that that lead a graph definition and thanks to a XSL transformation render the graph into a the browser as a SVG.

About me it sounds cool!

So the next steps are:

  1. Define a XML Schema (and way not talk about EBNF)

  2. 2) Define the XSL transformation

  3. Hope it works =) !

Stay tune, i will talk about XML Schma and EBNF in the near future.