Tuesday, September 1, 2009

PHP RESTful WebService

Lately im working on a restful php webservice.
In its concepts RESTful is quite easy, but it is still not really understand by most of web programmers.

So if you are interested, first of all you should start to study what behind REST, so its architecture. Good resources are of course wikipedia and Roy Thomas Fielding's dissertation which start the most of works.

Then you may try to develop, or study already coded RESTful web service, the most comes from ruby and python programming languages. Im quite sure to be blind, but in the end i really didn't find goods PHP resources about RESTful (genuine RESTful i mean!) from surfing the web.

The really best i found is an article signed by Gareth Jones: Building a RESTful Web application with PHP and it's starting point lornajane.

A really good book (which i found such likes a REST bible) is RESTful Web Service, written by Leonard Richardson and Sam Ruby.

I know it's a lot of things, this is the RESTful price to pay!

But it's good, trust me people!