Monday, October 5, 2009

Devkitpro 1.5.0, PAlib and Visual c++ 2008 Express

Few days ago i started to think about devkitpro, to develop nintendo DS homebrew software. So i start to chill around PAlib. Just to check out. So i move to the wiki to installing the toolchain.
I soon discover that it was possible to use PAlib with Visual c++ 2008 Express.
I notice that the step to follow was outdated.

If you want to get it work just follow that steps but with this difference:

  1. Set PAPATH enviorment variable to this one: <path to devkitpro>/PAlib/lib

  2. After the launch of the PAlib application wizard, change the makefile inside <path to PAlib application wizard>/Files/Templates/1033 with one you can find in the PAlib examples

  3. If you want to keep logos inside the data folder change the icon path in the make file from ICON := -b $(CURDIR)/../logo.bmp to ICON := -b $(CURDIR)/../data/logo.bmp

that's all, this work fine, hope someone could find this useful.